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Our Approach

What do you really know about your life insurance?

Do you truly understand your policies? 


Is it clear why you have this type of life insurance product in this amount from this particular carrier? 

Have you ever had your life insurance policies reviewed or audited by a true professional?


Have your life insurance policies been designed to be a portfolio asset with internal rates of return that outperform your existing investment portfolio?

Can your current life insurance portfolio provide you significant liquidity during your lifetime?

Life insurance is THE most misunderstood and most valuable financial asset that people hold.  Unfortunately, they do not devote the appropriate time and attention to managing it.  The result – a ticking time bomb.  


A Life Insurance Rescue Squad

During 45+ years in this business, we have seen it all. We see ourselves as a life insurance rescue squad whose mission is to evaluate a client's current situation and then help create a map for their financial success.


We know how to identify and solve problems with existing life insurance policies and find best in class products that fit a client’s needs.  The proof is in the clients whose wealth we have helped to maximize with life insurance contracts with exceptional rates of return.


It’s simple – we help create significant wealth for significant clients for them to enjoy during their lives and to pass to their heirs at their death.

Simplicity.  Efficiency.  Transparency.

What does our process look like?


We start by asking the tough questions to determine what you really want and need.


Then, with total transparency, we use our decades of experience and unparalleled industry connections to find the best solutions tailored for your situation.  When we say total transparency, we mean we will literally build your strategic life insurance solutions right in front of you.  It is beyond bespoke.


In creating your individual life insurance solution, we design the product to be the most efficient option whether you live or die.  This means either efficient wealth transfer to your heirs or the creation of significant value for you to enjoy during your life.


During this process, we make sure that you understand every aspect of what we are doing, why we are doing it, and how it will all play out going forward.  Making sure the client is educated and fully understands our plan, their map, is of paramount importance.


Finally, we work with you and your advisors to ensure seamless implementation and monitoring.


If you are ready to start this process, let us know.


A True Fiduciary

We work for you, not the life insurance company. 


In the life insurance industry, we are known as a life insurance “broker” (rather than an “agent” like the vast majority of the industry).  This means we have a fiduciary duty to the client and that we are not beholden to any one life insurance carrier. 


Using our unparalleled industry connections, we can design the exact right product from the right life insurance carrier structured in the right way to fit your situation from its inception.


Once implemented, we help you manage and maximize your life insurance portfolio. 

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