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We help create significant wealth for significant clients.

Life insurance is the most misunderstood (and the most valuable) financial asset.

There is $55.39 trillion of life insurance currently in force.  It is estimated that 85% of these existing policies were originally designed with the wrong life insurance company, the wrong product, the wrong funding and potentially the wrong ownership.  It's true and very unfortunate.  

Life insurance is no longer a buy and hold asset.  It needs to be continually evaluated.

Like other assets in your portfolio, your life insurance should be continually evaluated to maximize its performance.  Even recently purchased policies may be outdated, under-performing, mis-designed and lacking the ability to provide liquidity during your lifetime. 

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We provide the map so that you can enjoy your 

We can help.  Starting with an evaluation of your existing life insurance portfolio, we identify issues with product pricing, design and funding.  

Based on this analysis and your current situation, we transparently design a life insurance solution tailored for you that maximizes the internal rates of return from the initial design on Day 1.  That's true whether the life insurance contract is used for liquidity during your lifetime or at the time of your death.

Working with your advisors, we implement this individually designed product and then work with you over the following years to ensure your life insurance portfolio is managed properly and most efficiently.

Our goal is to strategically design and implement an individualized life insurance solution that maximizes the rate of return to allow you to efficiently build wealth - both while you are alive and for your heirs at your death.


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Who We Work With

High-net-worth business owners and successful entrepreneurs to create custom estate plans.

Significant families and individuals that want to make a difference.

Professional advisors looking for life insurance expertise when advising their clients.

We help create and protect significant wealth for significant clients.

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